Graeme began his interest in music with private piano lessons at 5 years old. Very early on he showed a disposition toward learning music by ear and formulating his own chord progressions to write songs. In the third grade his interests branched into drum lessons through the school music program and in junior high he futher branched out and began to teach himself guitar.

During high school he played guitar with his garage band NFS. He recorded a release, titled "Consider This", under the moniker GGX. The release consisted mostly of songs played by NFS, but also contained a couple studio-only tracks. In 1994 Graeme also joined a more established band Disciple, a Christian rock band which played for church youth groups and events across New York state and Pennsylvania (not to be confused with the band signed by Columbia records).

As Graeme entered college, he continued to play with Disciple and recorded with the band on their only release, "Road To Forever". He also began to take an interest in audio production and digital recording. Graeme recorded projects for several local musicians as well as a second, unreleased GGX project titled "Garmonbozia" in 1999.

It was about that time that Graeme left college and the members of Disciple moved on to other things. Graeme began a 4-year career as a long-haul and then regional truck driver. During the early part of that career he wrote the material that became Revelation Project. That band was originally formed to play a one-time showcase at the Kingdom Bound music festival at the Darien Lake amusement park (now Six Flags). After that showcase, several of the band wished to make things more permanent. So Revelation Project continued with Graeme playing lead guitar. They recorded the tracks in Graeme's growing home studio and released their self-titled CD in 2005.

During that time Revelation Project had the priviledge of appearing on compilation projects CPR (Christian Progressive Rock) volumes 1 and 2. The CPR projects included other local artists, as well as national names such as Neal Morse and Proto Kaw (featuring Kerry Livgren formerly of Kansas).

In late 2006 Revelation Project called it quits, and in 2007 Graeme moved to the Kansas City area, where he currently resides. He more actively pursued other interests and hobbies until, in November 2011, he felt compelled to write the song "Unseen Power". Doing so reignited his musical fire and began to embark on his newest solo project, "Portrait of a Zebra".


As a child, Graeme recalls, his dad often played music from groups such as The Cars, The Police, Tears For Fears, Genesis, Don Henley, Starship, etc... He also played new age music from Brian Eno and an eclectic collection of movie soundtracks.

As Graeme grew up he became interested a wide variety of '80s "hair bands". Most influential among them were more sophisticated groups such as Queensryche and Dream Theater. The latter proved to be very formative in Graeme's life, opening the door to the world of progressive metal. While "alternative" was becoming anything but on mainstream radio, Graeme was turning off his radio and studying other groups of the prog metal genre such as Fates Warning and Shadow Gallery.

While prog and symphonic metal continues to be Graeme's mainstay, listening more recently to groups such as Redemption, Arena, Sonata Arctica and the Devin Townsend Project, he continues to draw inspiration from a wide-ranging variety of other styles from the speed metal of Dragonforce to grunge of Alice In Chains to the brooding electronica of Delirium to the stylings of various classical composers and classical-sounding movie soundtracks.