Projects Produced By Graeme

Portrait of a Zebra

My upcoming "solo" release, scheduled for May 3, 2013. The album features a number of session musicians from as far away as the UK (thank you, internet!), including four singers to bring the right characteristic to each song and give the album an overall feel of a rock opera. It is not a religious CD, though many of the songs explore deep, existential questions which naturally lend themselves toward religions and/or spiritual overtones.

Revelation Project

Revelation Project was my band from 2001-2006. The CD we produced one self-titled CD and played out sporadically during that time. The CD was a walk through end times prophecy in the Bible. Though some storyline was added - similar to the "Left Behind" books -- to make a cohesive "rock opera", the majority of the songs are either paraphrase or direct quotation of scripture, leaving speculative interpretation up to someone else.

Both the CD and digital downloads are still available for sale at CD Baby, and sells regularily especially to European buyers. (Maybe I should have been born over there!)

Since this is still more or less an "active" album but the main band website has been discontinued, I have posted lyrics (with scripture references) and sample audio clips here.


An unpublished release that I created in 1999 after slowly writing the material for it from 1996-1999. The CD was unreleased because it was my first project doing my own digital recording and simply wasn't up to a level of quality that I felt comfortable releasing.

Garmonbozia was a concept album that served as an emotional release as I struggled with the emotions of breaking up with my first girlfriend. The songs start by briefly recounting the circumstances under which she and I met and then immediately jump to the break-up. Most of the tracks become increasingly angry and, in the title track, outright suicidal -- mirroring my mental state over the time in which I wrote the songs. The final track is markedly different, reflecting a level of acceptance I had reached by the time the project was complete.

While all of that is "ancient history" in my life perspective, several of the songs have stuck with me over time as they have a solid musical foundation. Two of the tracks ("Love No More" and "Garmonbozia") have been re-recorded on "Portrait of a Zebra".

Consider This

A Christian rock release I recorded in 1996. The songs were a collection I composed from 1992-1995. I duplicated only 100 casettes, which was enough to recoup the money I spent in the studio. The most important aspect of this recording was the proof that I could make solo recordings, playing all the instruments myself. This proof led me to the decision to invest in my own recording gear for future projects.

Other Projects Involving Graeme

Christian Progressive Rock, Volume 2

The sequel to CPR volume 1. Revelation Project appeared on this disc with the track "Liars". More information about this CD can be found here.

Christian Progressive Rock, Volume 1

A compilation disc of Christian progressive rock artists. Revelation Project's song "Glory" appeared on this disc with the likes of top-name artists such as Neal Morse and Kerry Livgren (Kansas, Proto-Kaw). More information about this CD can be found here.